The Bosca winery – quality and light

The Bosca winery nature, quality, and light

It is well known that big numbers in terms of production causes winemakers who prefer artisanal techniques turn up their nose. But it is clear that in most cases the producers who  can implement advanced projects not only devoted to wine but also to other wonders, such as art, are the large ones.

One of these is Bosca, a famous and historical Piedmont winery that has been producing Spumante for over a century and a half. Their cellars are actual underground cathedrals and have been claimed World Heritage Site. To celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light the Bosca cellars were transformed in mid June into an art gallery featuring special light effects (IYL2015).

One-hundred percent Italian design are the permanent light installations by Eugenio Guglielminetti. Sculptures are by Paolo Spinoglio and the painting collection includes works by Paulucci, Bai, Calandra, and Licata. Lighting is eco-friendly thanks to the solar panels on the roof of the cellar. One bottle out of four is produced with the sole use of solar energy. Visits to the Underground Cathedrals are free of charge and open to everyone. Anyone who would enjoy visiting a “sparkling” World Heritage Site.


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