Dolceverde not only quality but research as well

confetture bio dolceverde

When I asked MariaPaola how Dolceverde came into being,  her reply was simply: through passion. The enormous power of this passion led MariaPaola to make significant changes in her life. Today she no longer works as an architect but “hides away” in her little workshop in Florence to create high-quality jams and preserves. Research, local products, quality, and prices that are amazingly accessible to everyone. These are the elements of Dolceverde‘s philosophy.

Preserves generally contain an average of 45 grams of fruit for every 100 grams of product. The fruit content of Dolceverde preserves is between 90 and 150 grams, and no thickening agents, preservatives, or gluten are added. This alone is extraordinary, but there is more. The particular process employed to make the products leaves nearly unaltered the nutritious properties of the fruit and vegetables used. Let’s see how this is made possible.

MariaPaola came across a special machine that concentrates fruit under vacuum-seal, thus eliminating the water in the form of steam. This process takes place at a low temperature, which allows the organoleptic properties of the fruit and vegetables to remain unaltered. What is more, the fruit releases a great deal of its sugar thus reducing the amount of sugar to be added.

Dolceverde jams and preserves are made with fruit and vegetables from Tuscan farms, save the citrus fruit, which comes from Sicily. The strawberries, peaches, and apricots are from the Azienda Agricola di Ilaria Mengoni in Livorno. Pears and peaches from Val di Chiana are also used. The organic zucchini come from the Borgioli farm in Borgo San Lorenzo. The wild blackberries and the figs are picked personally by MariaPaola and her family.


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