GESTO – A gesture of ecosustainability in Florence

gesto reasturant in florence

Customers are the protagonists at this restaurant. No waiter is needed to take your order. You write it yourself on small boards. Other characteristics that make GESTO a unique place are the energy saving and low environmental impact features, as well as the use of recovered materials.  If you’re looking for a place to eat in Florence that’s not the usual restaurant, make your way to the Borgo San Frediano district, where there’s a new eatery open from 18.00 onward. It’s called “GESTO – fai il tuo” and it’s the Florentine version of a restaurant in Perugia.

What sets GESTO apart? First and foremost taking your own order. There are no waiters. Patrons write their order on small boards, which become trays on which the dishes are then served, thanks to a plastic film placed over the order. Now, how clever is that? Customers are free to decide when and how to order.

No hurry. No pressure. The interiors were designed by architect Giulia Tognarelli, who chose an ecosustainable imprint in which energy saving and low environmental impact features, as well as the use of recovered materials, play an important role. The walls are black and gray and the ceilings are white. The style of the lights is industrial, but there’s a candle on each table, which creates a unique atmosphere.

The tables are made of iron and painted black and their surface is made of wooden planks. Seating is provided by metal chairs and benches. Other furniture consists of recovered items, such as the red armchairs in the corner where portraits of famous people who made a “gesture” that changed the history of mankind are displayed: Gandhi, Galileo, Frida Kahlo, and the Dalai Lama.

Customers are also invited to independently do other things, such as help themselves to the spices scattered throughout the restaurant or garnish their own dessert. They are also obviously asked to contribute to reducing waste by opting for small portions and not using tableware. This means making a gesture (GESTO) for a better world, beginning with food.

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