La mi’Birra

Claudia Lami’s play on words was not difficult to create. Lami is her last name and “la mi” is Tuscan for “my”. So, La mi’Birra means My Bear. The result is optimal and cheerful. This is the name of a collection of artisanal beers conceived and produced by this young lady from Empoli, with a Tuscan spirit reminiscent of its creator’s origins but also her ambition to take the entire production chain, from growing the cereals to bottling, to her birthplace. With a degree in food science and a thesis on fermentations, extensive knowledge on artisanal beers, and her sister Giulia’s help, Claudia was able to turn her passion into a profession. La mi’ Bionda, La mi’ Ambra, La mi’ Rossa, La mi’ Turba, and La mi’ Vizia are the result of this commitment.

Claudia Lami
La mi’ Birra

Via di Sottopoggio a San Giusto, 17
Empoli (Florence)
tel. +39 393 9588725



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