Leonardo Da Vinci was not vegetarian

“Leonardo non era vegetariano. Dalla lista della spesa di Leonardo alle ricette di Enrico Panero” (Leonardo was not vegetarian. From Lenoardo’s grocery list to Enrico Panero’s recipes) Published by Maschietto Editore 19€.

Italian book Leonard was not vegetarian


A great deal has been said about who Leonardo da Vinci was: an absolute genius, a universal talent, a possessor of timeless intuition. He was a painter, scientist, engineer, and inventor. Rarely has someone attempted to establish what Leonardo was not. Yet this is the ambitious project that this book brings to fruition through documents and reconstructions. Perhaps Leonardo was not a vegetarian. This is the new speculation  about the sharpest intellect of all times, one concerning his eating habits.

The book is fun to read, as it highlights Leonardo’s ironic personality. It is filled with anecdotes and interesting information on his diet and even on his grocery list. Readers will discover that he enjoyed wines and had a passion for Malvagia.

In the chapter on cotidiana abitazione (literally daily home) we learn about Leonardo’s many inventions regarding a practical and functional kitchen: a prototype for a pressure cooker, the first ice box, and even a system for smoking food.

And of course a section is devoted to recipes. Chef Enrico Panero cleverly and creatively interprets the ingredients in Leonardo’s grocery list. The result is contemporary dishes with ancient roots, such as the polenta and Chianina meat sandwich and bran tagliolini noodles with fava beans and Pecorino cheese guacamole – a real “homage to Tuscany and its countryside.”

Dishes that are not attractive but are wholesome and can be made with the ingredients present in any pantry. This often represents the difference between a good cook book and a bad one.


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