Podere Ghisone

In 1797 the Nesi family began working as sharecroppers at the Ghisone estate, located near the Lucardo hill, at Montespertoli. Thanks to the determination of grandfather Antonio, in 1927 they became owners of the estate. Luca began breathing the wine-aroma-filled air and grew up developing a respect for the land and a passion, inherited by his father, Ferruccio, for the challenging art of winemaking.

Podere Ghisone was established in 2009 with a new commitment: organic farming, which means caring for the health of the land and its fruits, but also curiosity for time-honored farming techniques that Luca decides to employ: sulfur- and copper-based products, green manure, plowing methods, and organic fertilizers. The estate covers 55 hectares, of which 17 are devoted to specialized vineyards and with 2000 olive trees. After the careful management of the vineyards, work continues in the cellars, where the employment of sulphites is limited to the minimum. This is possible thanks to the controlled temperature of the wine, macro-oxigenation during fermentation, and processing in environments made inert by nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Luca Nesi
Podere Ghisone

Via Sodole 50a, Ghisone
Montespertoli (Florence)
tel. +39 392 0542144, +39 0571 606062

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