The project

Qualita is a project dedicated to food and wine businesses. Its aim is to help professionals and the general public learn about people who create unique agri-products. The network of quality businesses we are developing consists of small producers who share some fundamental values, such as considering local resources key, tradition, quality, traceability, eco-friendliness, and ethics applied to their productions.

Our team provides a complete range of consultacy services for small producers who wish to  develop their business from marketing standopoint, especially in foreign markets. We organize their participation in the best fairs and other events and create events that aim at showcasing the uniqueness of each business.  We realize the best communication and promotion tools: from business cards to websites, from social media management to press offices, from the representation of a business to that of its products.

Our team of professionals can access international commercial channels and promote quality products among professionals operating in the sector and consumers.  Marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, creation of product and business representation, and PR digital campaigns are only a few of the initiative that can be realized thanks to the expertise of our team of professional.

The heart of our project is where we publish the story of products, people, and lands and provide informantion on everything that is happening in the world of food and wine. Our articles focus on products, places, and events and are written for a general audience. However, the variety and wealth of contents of our website are conceived to attract the attention of those who work in the food and wine sector as well as gourmands, lovers of delectable food and beverages.

The magazine actually produces real and concrete experiences: tastings and samplings, fairs and presentations, events aimed at making quality products known to consumers and at promoting them in Italy and abroad, and standard as well as digital public relations initiative.